Friday, March 18, 2016


For the last several days, my strength has been drained by folks who are without hope and because they have none, choose to see the bad side of things. I nearly lost myself. 

They have, in my opinion, a different definition of hope. Maybe because this world has always accepted hope as wish or as some spell you speak to keep the bad at bay. Sad with this sort of view is that bad remains the focus and where you focus is where you will soon find yourself.

A good friend once gave me this quote: it is so difficult to soar like an eagle if you are surrounded by turkeys.

Hence a promise to myself. 

If I walk out in the middle of your angry discourse, it has nothing to do with bad manners but proper choices. If I am silent over your concern things might go bad, on my side of the fence might go bad does not exist. Will be good, however, forever blooms.

Life is too short to be spent on things that will break the heart. And because of that, true living becomes a quest for all that is good in spite of. 

Indeed, being alive is about hope and hope, I believe, is the confident expectation of good.

Thank you Alex, Mike, Anthony and Armin for helping me gain my bearing.